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Oh yeah title says it all.
Try to be as honest as possible without being too insulting (maloney)
Lets do the thing where we're doing this thing!
It's Bardy!!!

He's scottish.

At times. Because the other times he's German, or other nationalities, whatever fits the situation. Pinkiesmile

He can be headstrong and seems a bit impulsive, and I don't approve of everything he does, but he is a loyal friend and usually knows when to draw the line. He has a great sense of humor and he loves Merida, what more do you seek in a man? Nofucks

I trust him. He brings life to the party, in a good way, it's fun to have him around. He was never a bother.
It's Cyril :333:3

He dreams of someday being scottish

Hes mostly not scottish tho

What can you say. He wouldn't hurt a fly and is always honest to heart. He's docile as a lamb. Pretty much the opposite of me except for lookswise :3
He has great taste in scottish themed animated movies.
Also you shouldn't mistake his moderation with weakness. If he made up his mind about stuff he sticks to it no matter what kludi says.

Its hard to be brutally honest about him because there's nothing to be honestly brutal about.
Great guy
Will inherit my Merida DVD when i die and is obligated to play the pipes at my funeral
ITS BARDY!! B)) OH BOY I dont know him for too long but hes SOO COOOL B)) also p gr8 and caring. Idk man he grew very close to me in a short time hes hte bestiest cool guy ever alsO HOMESTUCK!!
he likes real talk i guess.

Also told me about his nationalities. idk

Very smart tho! Got some good stuff in his head and yea cool raps :3:33:33:3
Aw ye
It's the motherfucking sophster!

Cool girl best friend

I only know her for a few weeks, we only skyped like twice or something, but it feels like i knew her my entire life. She's totally cool and german and slavic and famous and fun and stupid enough to laugh at my jokes :3:3
We just clicked instantly
We are both direct decendants of Snoop Dogg and if we rap together we are bound to start some wicked fires.
She showed me the glory of tumblr and speaking weird and wearing sunglasses
I really hope she stays around in hte forum and hte skype because she vacates a big portion of my enormous heart.

Keep on being cool cool girl B)))))
Yeah it's Bardy !

I like him he seems like to be a good and pretty cool guy ! I have met him in RL and talked to him a bit in Skype and I really like him.
His Bardy-love is an epic concept and I love the kiss he left on my cheek in Sissach (I have never washed that cheek afterwards) and I still feel it, it's great ! <3
He's an epic mod and has a great personnality ! Thanks for sharing us your love Bardy, we love you ! :3 :* <3 <3

People don't like you but I like you.

You're my best friend (really, you are), and never fail to make me laugh. I really like hanging out with you and doing stuffs with you.

Oh god... I think I'm in love with you...

Btw, Thibaut, I think you should post another post here because it would be interesting to have other descriptions.
(Don't mind this post and describe AF, he just misspelled what he wanted to mean. He wanted me to wait before posting, because he would like to have other opinions of him than mine, which he already know...)

His name is pronounced "tibbohh-schap-öhhh" (wingardium leviosAÖÖÖÖHHHH). Even though the only RL encounter I've had with him was when I shook his hand for 3 minutes before he left at the Sissach Meetup, I can say that he can get a little annoying on the forums from time to time, but I wouldn't want him to stop posting, because it's amusing and keeps the forum active.

I can't say much about his personality. Perhaps a little hyped? For me, it feels like he's having fun and that makes me happy.


Like he said, I just shook his hand for 3 minutes in RL but he seems like rather cool guy, he's very funny, should be a comic, and has a cool title ! In the old (swissbronies) forum before I didn't very like him, but now I find him a good guy on the forum, and maybe in RL is he much cooler ! I really want to meet him again !

ist t-b-to
i dont know much about him but hes very Kind Lyraexcited
RD36, I don't know much about you either, but you seem like a pretty cool and kind person to me. I'm looking forward to meet a lot of peoples, and you are apart of them! Hope to see you once in a meetup Rdwink
It´s my Fluffyfriend,
we are Fluffygods, best awesome motherfucking nyyaaa FluffyfriendEeyup
^Its Christian i like your Avatar...lesbian pownies are best pownies
^Fag, but in a good way.
Would bang 10/10 (NoHomo).

He sometimes likes to trespass the line a bit and make people mett. But I find it hilarious, even if he makes me mett from time to time. I like mett.
^äähh Jugoslawe...Albaner...Kroate...Mazedonier...Bosnier...Türke? Anymway its Krautchan Deni formaly known as Military Deni

Hes awesome because we ate sunflower seeds together and now im Jugoslawe...Albaner...Kroate...Mazedonier...Bosnier...Türke too

But actuli hes more swiss than i am and i would never let uusschaff him because i wuv him in a non homo way :3
It's Chludi !

It's the shitmaker of the forum ! Also in RL it's not that much of a bad guy, because he can be pretty funny when he wants !
He's a Faggot and everybody dislike him while liking him, which is very strange but I don't ask questions anymore, because it's Chludi, and with him, the number 42's reputation isn't worth a penny.
^Such Tibo.

Used to be the bane of the forum for me and a lot of others.
Hostile, spammy, annoying.

Then I mett him in RL. First schaffhausen for like 10 seconds (spoke french to him to make him mett)
Then Sissach for like 30 seconds (made his girlfriend jealous with my hugging skills oh yeah)
Noticed he is not that bad. Actually a bretti cool guy B))
Doesn't have a neckbeard, got cool hipster shoes, shouts and smiles a lot.
Corrected my french without having to vomit ^^
And we also spoke on skype a lot about the battle between kludis army and blakes faggotron-armada and he didn't seem as retarded as his posts made it seem.

So fast forward to now:

His posts are cool!
His skype are cool!
His RL are cool!
Tibo is a cool guy!!
It's Bardy! Again! What can I say?

He's osun and beautiful and when we first met we screamed at Zürich HB. He's also takes selfies and is proud of them despite what others say and I can respect that! And it's great that he's here despite having fanned the leavedom.
^Its Timmäääää hes awesome becaue such me such friend!
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