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Posted by junecburns - 12.03.2015 11:06
Thestart with a different hand every single time for three to you why on and let her relax for 3 to one stardom up for 3 to why and let her relax good job that wasnumber four done that means we're halfway through this or 3 to wine Starmer you probably can alter by thispoint to make sure you go through a check their form miss your push use office for Regula
 speed goesas long as you keep that form niceand clean because loans open just whatever you dodon't stop movin for three to one and let it relax for 3 to one stardom up for 3 to and let her relax he just completed saidnumber six which means we have two more to go we're almost done for 3 to one stardom up this your second lastround so keep that intensity level up push yourself as hard as you can makesure you're moving through these motions as quickly as possible as long as youkeep that form nice and clean just push yourself make sure you don'thave anything left after these last two rounds for 3 to one and let .