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RE: Lena's Sewing Stuff - Lena - 27.05.2013 08:26

In the coming weeks I'll go to ikea to look for pillows/blankets/pillow cases, basically stuff to ponyfy.
Everyone is welcome to come along and buy stuff I will stitch stuff on for a small fee and then give back to you so can be a happy pony.
I'll also announce a fix date/time/place to meet up in the meet up secrion soon

RE: Lena's Sewing Stuff - Lena - 09.06.2013 20:28

There's now a website that offers minky to switzerland, opened by a pony fag, so it has perfect colours Awesome
Basically if you want a lovely, soft minky pillow I'm offering this too.
Now do you still want fur pillows or would you prefer minky ones.

Just in case you didn't know what Minky is, it's basically the most perfect fabric for pony plushies, super soft, usually is a bit shiny too.
So definitely also awesome for a cuddly pillow.

I've ordered some fur samples, but since it's shipped from the uk, it'll probably take a while

RE: Lena's Sewing Stuff - M/A/K - 10.06.2013 12:40

Minky! Ppsmile ASUM! Awesome

PS: Why didn't you bring samples to lazertag...? Lyrasad

RE: Lena's Sewing Stuff - Lena - 10.06.2013 14:22

I wanted to but they haven't arrived yet :/
I'll probably send them an email soon asking if everytjing with the orser was alright

RE: Lena's Sewing Stuff - RyuTenshi - 10.06.2013 15:29

well there is still the boardgame meetup at your place. lets hope they arrived until then

RE: Lena's Sewing Stuff - Lena - 20.06.2013 13:47

Fabric samples arrived Eeyup

I will tryout stitching on them as soon as I'm home again with some time and then upload pictures.

RE: Lena's Sewing Stuff - T-B-To - 21.06.2013 10:42

Yay ! Thank you again !

RE: Lena's Sewing Stuff - T-B-To - 21.07.2013 07:44

No news, good news ? I just wanted to know if you havent forgotten about us and.more or less how is it going... If you havent forgotten, then I will gently shut up and go away....

RE: Lena's Sewing Stuff - sealb - 30.12.2014 04:24

you should just make a bunch and sell them on ebay