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And now I'm sad again - TheComet - 06.01.2014 00:15

RE: And now I'm sad again - T-B-To - 06.01.2014 21:01

Sorry cumet, but I didn't like it... The fanfic was just superb but this was terrible... It was like photoshop, but instead it was Video-shop....

RE: And now I'm sad again - InfectedPonyz - 07.01.2014 15:42

It was.... Okay ^^

But there was hardly any character developement going on, so it was hard to feel the bond between father and adopted pony as much as in the fanfic. Nevertheless the movie was able to make me cry, as much as the fanfic did (Which is some tears but not some horrible breakdown).

Also I dislike the fact that they did it with vectors. They should've 3d modeled RD realistically with particle fur and good textures. The vector just doesn't fit in... Sorry, even if there is some shading.
Also the microphone of RD's voice was shitty, and that's a bad way to start as a VA.
And the sound in the scenes where they had direct interaction was so much more quiet than in the scenes where the "father" told the story. Adjusting that would have been simple, yet they didn't do it... Bleh.

Other than that I'd say they did a great job, and I hope to see them make more pony movies, and that they get better over time c: