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The troll is dead, long live the troll
08.04.2014, 13:24
The troll is dead, long live the troll
So, i was watching Wonder over Yonder yesterday and stumbled over the seventh episode: The Bad Guy / The Troll
Watch it here if you dont already know it:

Speaking of Trolls this reminded me of something.
In short, the episode is about:

This was a perfect example of a Troll, who obviously noone halfway sane would serious respond to.
On our daily life this guy -who enjoys himself in making others feel bad- mostly wont show up. But dont we all have our personal troll's?
Like things only we getting mad about? Be it a group, a opinion, a thread, a podcast or a certain behaviour?
These are the trolls we really have to deal with. But reasoning with something we getting mad about? I say nope, not worth my time any more.

Imagine this as a tennis match of two perfectly equal players. Call one Opinion and the other PoV.
As long as both are trying to win, everyone hits the ball back to his opponent. But as soon as one of them start to realize that his time is more worth than winning a neverending fight, he is always free to drop his racket and move on...

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