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it's time for the final round
14.01.2015, 06:52
it's time for the final round
[font=Calibri","sans-serif]it'stime for the final round in forĀ  Jivam Skin Care John Lannan everything is riding pieceperformed do why 1500 got it done she prepares backstage on last-minutedecision means joanne is moot up in the schedule do you have a minute 1 ok kidnapping mom and I in my bad my mind it on top so ok I'm just a page in person not alwaysbeen a fighter stubborn big now just always know clap clap Ialways fish fish fish fish fish you're only tocompetitors left before chill and takes the stage the my do okay down yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah goodnight good thing I had to be named solo homerun down me and I mean yeah yeah a Klein notice when you win 21 sharingcompound great personal thing cuz he said all Ihave right now yeah why do Dubai do yeah good I make..[/font]
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