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Forum rules
29.04.2013, 17:09 (This post was last modified: 15.08.2013 03:44 by M/A/K.)
Exclamation Forum rules
No forum without rules - we try to keep them at a reasonable minimum however.

#1: NFSW content may only be posted in the NSFW category. Join the NSFW group if you want to see NSFW content.
This is necessary because we also have user which don't like NSFW. Please respect their wish not to see NSFW all over the forum.

#2: Discrimination, insults, offensive and inappropriate behavior are not tolerated.
We do not hate on others unless they have actively provoked it, but even then they should get their penalty from the administration, like a temporary ban or the like. We are mostly adults and should behave like some. This also includes spam and unnecessary posts.

#3: Keep the forum clean!
To keep the readability of our forum at a maximum, images, signatures and avatars should be used appropriate. The administration reserves the right to change or remove disturbing elements like high signatures and flashing GIF animations.

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